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Matt Walker is a professional wedding photographer based in Edmonton, Alberta. Starting his career shooting surfing and lifestyle photography in locations like Bali, Australia and Thailand. He decided to move half way across the world from the UK to Edmonton to be with his significant other. Having emigrated to Canada, Matt established himself as a photographer  in Edmonton, he regularly visits Jasper & Canmore/Banff for various local photography clients around Alberta.

A few of Matt's friends he met  through his travels started to get married, but they didn't want a traditional wedding photographer. They just wanted someone to capture those special fleeting moments, those candid moments, the moments that most people don't see. 

about Matt:

- Over 90% of my weddings are completely candid.

- I focus on the small things, allowing me to capture each and every emotion, unobtrusively.

- Lived in Bali for 12 months, photographing surfing and commercial photography

- Loves shooting in the Jasper & Canmore areas for wedding.

- Has photographed professionally on 5 different continents in the past 5 years.

- Shortlisted for Press Photographer of the Year 2018, by SWNS. Bali volcano eruption.

We offer a number of different options for wedding photography packages in Edmonton & surrounding areas. Wedding photography packages start from under $2500!

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